Wolf Wallenstein Partner Keo Keopong Appointed as Chair of the Board of Pathways Volunteer Hospice

Wolf Wallenstein, PC is pleased to announce that partner Keo Keopong has been invited by the Executive Director to become a Board Member of the Nonprofit Pathways Volunteer Hospice. At Pathways, there are several programs offered to help people in need, ranging from school-based bereavement for children, grief support for families, or hospice care for older adults. People of all ages benefit from the nonprofit’s services which serve part of LA County in the Long Beach City, Lakewood and greater areas.

Keo is altruistic and has always had a soft spot for seniors and those going through tough times including their families (though hospice, bereavement, and grievance services are being given to all ages), Pathways does this all free regardless of income. Her term as a Board Member runs from July 2023 to June 2026.

One of the many committees set up by Pathways aims at bringing hope and honor someone’s memories during the holidays. Keo will be joining the Pathways Committee for “Light Up a Life” – which takes place around the holidays. Each Board Member contributes to the Endowment plus joins an internal and external committee which can vary each year.

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